“Leading Children to a Relish for Knowledge”

Keynote address, “From Uniformity to Reform: Education in the Very Long Eighteenth Century (1660-1870)

Workshop, Institute of Historical Research, October 15, 2011.


“Good Health in the Land of Mother Goose”: Health & Medicine in Early Children’s Books

University of Greenwich, November 23, 2010.


“Copper Plate Pictures for Children”: Prints for the Juvenile Market

Friends of the Bodleian Library, University of Oxford, June 8, 2010.


“This Will Make Learning Pleasant”: Early Modern Children & Pictures

The First Annual Mary Pollard Memorial Lecture, Long Room Hub, Trinity College, Dublin, June 2, 2010.


“Mr. Darton Was Induced to Publish”: Booksellers & the Early Infant School Market

The Bibliographical Society (London), March 17, 2009.


“A Ready Way for Children to Learn”: Printed Educational Pastimes & Progressive

Educational Theory in Early Modern Britain

Children’s Literature lecture series, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, April 23, 2008.


“Aids to Improvement & Pleasure”: Aspects of the Education of Elite Girls in Georgian


Jane Austen Society of North America, Toronto Chapter, September 16, 2007.


Nursery Instruction: Cartographical Novelties for Georgian & Victorian Children

Maps & Society lecture series, The Warburg Institute, London, May 17, 2007.


           “To Promote Improvement & Amuse a

           Friendly Party”: Games & Puzzles for Children

           in Eighteenth- & Nineteenth-century Britain

             Keynote address, American Game & Puzzle

             Collectors Association Convention,

             San Francisco, April 14, 2007.



“Allure Learning's Imps along the Dreary Path”: Visual Aids & Educational Pastimes in

Early Modern Education

Lectures in Children’s Culture series, Laurier Brantford College, Wilfred Laurier University, January

18, 2006.


“I Have Gained Their Affection by Making Their Learning as Much Play as Possible”:

Education of Royal & Aristocratic Daughters in the Reign of George III

Children’s Books History Society / Textbook Colloquium Study Day, British Schools Museum,

June 21, 2003;


“He Who Kisses the Pope’s Toe ‘Shall Be Banished for His Folly to Iceland’: Imperialism,

Commerce, Religion & Science in Early Games for British Children.”

Fall 2001 Colloquium, Trinity College, University of Toronto, October 31, 2001.


The Puzzled Child: Early Jigsaws for Children.

Seventeenth Annual Meeting, Toronto Museum of Childhood, June 2000.


“Dearmerest Mrs. Dearmer”: the Life & Work of Mabel Dearmer (1872-1915).

Osborne Collection of Early Children’s Books, Toronto Public Library, April 1999. Published by

the Friends of the Osborne & Lillian H. Smith Collections / Toronto Public Library, 1999.


“Make it a Pleasure & Not a Task: Educational Games for Children in Georgian England.

Cotsen Children’s Library Inaugural Conference, Princeton University, October 1997. Published in the

Princeton Library Chronicle (Winter, 1998): 251-275


“Pious Child’s Delight”: Evangelical Writing for Children in the Osborne Collection

ALA-American Theological Library Association Conference, June 1991. Published as an annotated

bibliography in the ALA-ATLA Summary of Proceedings, 45th Annual Conference 1991 (1992).


“What Shall We Do Now?”: Nineteenth- & Twentieth-century Children’s Games &

Pastimes from the Osborne Collection”.

Fifth Annual Meeting, Toronto Museum of Childhood, May 1988.


Themes in E. Nesbit’s Fantasies.

Fantasy in Children’s Literature lecture Series. Toronto Public Library / Enoch Turner Schoolhouse,
























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